Let’s eat

So as you can tell from some of my posts… hey, I love good food. I don’t want you to picture someone ALWAYS eating her full plate of veggies, fruits, and legumes because that would not be me…

Yeah yeah, this is a vegan speaking, yes, but I’m also a mama who admittedly eats cheerios from her hand on the way to the school bus and then a peanut butter sandwich for dinner… I try to be better, I do, but we’ve all been there, right? I hope someone out there nodded their head exclaiming “RIGHT!”

Food is my medicine, my nourishment, my hobby buddy …gosh I love to cook! I am clearly not a nutritionist but have gotten much information from two of them.

So I will say that I “eat the rainbow” (all colored fruits and veggies) and add some vegan junk food every now and then to keep my mouth happy and my heart full of compassion.

There are some “substitute” foods out there for those of you that want to indulge without harming any animals that I will include here.
I’ve taken some pictures of my favorite Vegan food brands included in this post for anyone curious about this compassionate and healthy path.

For starters, my (V) sister has graciously recommended the below sausage substitute (I was never a meat or sausage fan so I have not tried them but she raves about them). 

I recommend the cheese singles you see below, they’re both my fave!!!

Those of us that enjoy grilled cheese, pizza, cheese puffs, and ice cream, never fear plant-based heaven is… Right. Here.

Goes into my soups and coffee/tea, creamy and cruelty-free

The best vegan store-bought pizza right here, many different varieties but the end result is just cheesy deliciousness without any of the harm. See my page titled ‘Sen•tient’ to learn what the dairy industry consists of…

Many wonder about the myths, the protein worries, the “carnivore” comments, and so on and so on. It’s simple, do your research, there is so much information available at your fingertips and if reading really isn’t your thing then ask a vegan! We would LOVE to help you find the answers you are looking for… decide which pill you are going to take? (if you’ve watched The Matrix, you know what I mean)

I’m including some charts for your viewing pleasure, but seriously, ask any of us, watch some documentaries listed below, and open your eyes.

Protein is NOT the issue the meat industry tells you it is…

Let’s remember, vegans don’t have this selfish, cultish agenda. We hope for compassion, not cruelty, health, not sickness, and wish to nurture our mother earth not murder it.

It takes time to absorb this information, to see the world as it is, and it is the hardest thing for me, an empath, to see images, sign petitions, hear peoples “funny” comments about another being’s suffering, and to change my view on what I used to see as a normal thing but it’s worth it!

I’ve been told, to pray over the food and thank it… to only have a little, to buy from a farm where the death is quick…etc… but when I took the red pill I felt every emotion and saw the horror that is in this world of ours and realize THERE IS NO BEING THAT DOES NOT TREMBLE BEFORE VIOLENCE. There is NO ‘HUMANE’ SLAUGHTER.

We can change it, one meal at a time. If you do not contribute to the industry… they will not continue. Please consider exchanging animal derived meals for vegan meals even just one day a week, we all start somewhere!

Let’s do better for the animals, our health, and the planet.

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