A letter to the scorned

” Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned/Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned”

This quote, although true, annoys me. Yeah, I said it. I understand the power within a male or female when we experience rejection but I truly loathe how far some humans take this quote.

How much are we willing to endure, just to “punish” another person for defying or rejecting us? How much are we willing to put our loved ones through, just so we can win an argument or attempt to rush the karma we think another deserves?

Doesn’t that create our own karma as well? Yeah, I think so.

I’ve noticed this in many women, I am not picking on my gender but naturally, me being a woman, I see things in other women that some men may not.

I’ve seen women attack other women’s character, I’ve watched women lie through their smiles, and witnessed women “punishing” their exes (and their own children)… just for walking away.

Without getting too deep into it, I’ve even seen firsthand the effects this has on children of the “scorned”. It saddens just as much as it disgusts me.

These children don’t deserve to feel the venom roll off of your tongue about their father or mother. These precious innocents should only be experiencing childhood…not rebuke for loving their parent.

Being a scorned woman is not something to be proud of, like some flag waving justification for your actions. The best revenge is to move forward and find happiness, you’re only reaping more misery when you live in the past.

Sticks and Stones may break bones and words can sometimes dismantle someone. Especially children.

Lying about someone’s character for your own benefit? Lying about the truth because the truth is too hard to bear? Tricking yourself into believing you can never be wrong? oh honey, don’t do that. Talk to yourself, alone.

Take a look at the chains you have put on, all on your own. You are shackled to your own misery, don’t you want to get out of that world?

Ask yourself questions so you can finally release yourself with the truth.

What is it? The fact someone went against what you wanted? Is it because someone stood up for themselves? or did they truly hurt you, and you want that sweet sweet revenge? Do you want them to feel that same pain/rejection as you did… even if that means hiding your moral compass during your revenge?

I ask these things because I don’t know how a human can possibly hold on to their “scorned” title for longer than a week! I myself could not do it, it would drain the life out of me to focus on all of the wrong in this world. Pain hurts and we grow from it but we should not live there, we need to climb out on our own.

I, of course, have grieved, and will forever grieve my actual losses but… without revenge in mind so I cannot relate to the “scorned”.

Aren’t you just hurting yourself, using all of this energy against someone who may not even care at all? do they even acknowledge your existence? do they want to heal your pain?

No? Then kindly put the sword down and move on because one thing you cannot control is them and how they feel. You cannot make someone care or “pay” for what you want them to pay for. That’s not your job, friend.

I get it. I’ve been hurt. I’ve been lied to, cheated on, back stabbed, and disrespected in the worst ways in my past. I’m sure some of you reading this have been through any or all of this too. So, what do we do? Uhm… I say, we move on.

Together with our friends, our family, our soul lovers, we can fight off the scorned together with prayers that one day… they realize their swords cannot destroy us and perhaps make that bewitching choice to surround themselves with love and peace, and tuck their tired, bloody swords away.

If you choose to remain scorned, no one can help you.

Just know that your efforts only empower and strengthen your enemies unions with each and every blow of your dull, sad sword.

Put down the “scorned” flag and realize the enemy is not affected by your pain, they walk away, as should you.

©Angela Silva 2019

Thanks for reading, my friends,

None of these beautiful images belong to me*

5 thoughts on “A letter to the scorned

  1. Hey,
    I read this yesterday but just had no time to respond and honestly I was thinking about it a lot!
    I really have to agree with you on so many points
    The woman scorned phrase…I’ve been on the recieving end of a woman scorned and a MAN scorned and I can tell you, both killed me from the inside but the man left many, many a scar, literally and figuratively. So maybe the phrase needs to be updated.
    I grew up with two women , prominent figures in my childhood and early adulthood and their thirst for revenge, spite, selfishness and manipulation is incomparable.
    I feel that because of these two I had no positive female role model and if I am good person today it has nothing to do with them. Well, maybe in the sense that I try to do and be the exact OPPOSITE of what they were. In that sense I suppose I should thank them.
    Karma is always watching. I feel it. In many senses. Things always come back round, and the older I get, the more good is coming to me, in balance I think.

    I could go on but I’ll stop here. This was such a great read so thank you for sharing it and I just LOVE YOUR CHOICE OF PICS. Beautiful. They tell a story along with your words
    Much love for your day ahead

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good morning to you my friend across the pond,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed this!
      Yes! I feel I’ve learned from receiving and witnessing scorned souls that I never ever want to be like them.

      I see how much wasted energy goes out to negative things and sometimes( if I’m lucky), I see when karma visits them. 😬

      You being a good person with a pure heart is all because of YOU. Absolutely.

      Some of us steer clear of their paths and I suppose I can thank some of the venomous monsters for that…but only a little, but I thank them (in spirit) because seeing what I didn’t want to be helped me become who I am.

      Although we haven’t met, something tells me you’re a lovely woman with none of the above negativity spewed around you and you should be oh so proud!

      Thank you for the compliment, it truly made my terrible morning a much better one. Much love! 💙❤️👩🏻‍💻


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