Good vibe zones or Bust

Sometimes I am astounded by the positive vibes people exchange with each other. As I’m typing this, I can think of a couple matchless people in my head that have this sort of… equal energy exchange whenever we meet.

They just get it. They get it that life is cruel. They get it that life is breathtakingly marvelous too. They get it that we have the right to block out anything/anyone that drowns us.

Someone I spoke with this week inspired me to write about the unnecessary discomfort we bring upon ourselves when we…

a.) Allow others to affect our energies

b.) Affect others energies negatively

c.) Ignore the inner twinges warning us to escape a toxic person/situation

Set some boundaries, baby.

All of the above has happened to the best of us. As humans, we sometimes are willing to risk our own well-being for the sake of embarrassment or politeness. We don’t want to walk away from a person just because we can sense their toxicity or dare I say, their misery. Nope, we suffer and swim in that filthy lake with them thinking we can change them, we can fix them! OR until we can’t breathe from the cloudy waves crashing into us.

I say lake, and not ocean because I have always imagined that we each have our own individual lake. We are in charge of cleaning it, maintaining the colors, feeding anyone that the lake is responsible for i.e. emotions, trauma, needs, etc. This lake I describe can also be seen as someone’s aura or ambiance.

When we meet someone, we kinda let them in, right? they let us in their lakes too and the water stays calm or even gets a little ripply from the fun splashes and giggles. We play some agreed upon music at a comfortable volume, respect each others space, and even share our food.

Sometimes though, something different transpires… someone negative cannonballs in your lake (because you’ve allowed them to) and brings their dirty aura from their own lake, with them. They throw your radio into the water, splash water in your eyes and spit out your food. When this is all over, they return to their own lake… and now you’re surrounded by this slimy brown ring all around you and guess what, you’re left to clean it up too… ALONE.

Don’t dare blame them for making the mess, you made it by allowing them to enter, knowing their energy beforehand. Yes, it does take time to read energy and to know how to decipher when someone is unhealthy/toxic. There are some exceptions of course, like when they hide it soooo very well and tip toe into your precious clean lake with manipulation, pity, or even gifts. Don’t laugh, these are more powerful than they seem. Once you DO recognize their unsoundness, you’re responsible to do whatever you must do to protect your own lake.

Now what happens when someone worthy wants to come swim with you? They can’t because you didn’t take control of your own water and all this filth will spread to them too. They may unknowingly jump head first, become grimy with you or they’ll get pushed out of your lake until you can clear the water again. Not fair to either of you right?

Follow your gut, retrace how you are feeling after you’re with this person, analyze your own attitude before you speak to or see them. Has it changed? Do you leave them feeling like you have mud stuck in your hair? or sharp pebbles between your toes? Pay attention to yourself, you deserve it.

This doesn’t mean we can’t have bad smells or auras sometimes, however, we must take control of them before they can spread any farther.

As I mentioned earlier, my inspiration for this post has a beautiful soul, pained as the rest of us and yet has one of the most gorgeous auras I’ve ever encountered.

When we met years ago, I knew there was a purity to her, a genuine heart looking to make things better and to escape anything that did not bring happiness to someone else. Always truthful, quite humble and knows the crucial value of keeping her own lake clean. It’s refreshing to speak with someone who exchanges an equal energy and has such a unique respect for their own soul.

We may love some people in our lives that tend to muddy our waters at times. We can tell how much we’re willing to clean up after our encounters with them and then again, we know when to throw them a towel and walk them dripping to their car.

It’s all about recognizing what is too much and what is manageable. Don’t throw them away unless you’ve had to wipe their dirt off of you too many times. It happens and yeah, it hurts.

Your aura, your energy, and your loved ones will be affected if you cannot take control of who steps into your lake. It is okay to shake their hand on the docks, let them take a look at your cool ass grill, but if they start to lay their towel out… hand them a veggie burger to go and get. them. out!

Lake McDonald, Montana

©Angela Silva 2019

These awesome images do not belong to me*

Stay clean my friends,

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