Morning matcha

It’s happened again, I’m eating breakfast! I woke up looking for a childhood treat mom would make for herself… and of course with our full bellies we would beg for.

*Toast with (earth balance) butter, tomatoes with sprinkled salt.*My sister turned me on to Matcha Tea so I’m happy to show her I’m addicted now!

After a long day, mom made food for herself, quietly, to eat at night after we were supposed to be asleep. Like every good mom she cared for and fed us three meals a day …plus snacks! Yet we just had to have whatever she was having. Friggin kids.

She never said no, probably starving she’d hand us the plate and sip her warm milk happily. She’d make it like she didn’t even want it in the first place, she is so good.

Looking back at it, I feel terrible about it but if I told her this she’d say “you are my babies, it’s okay”

Here’s to all you amazingly selfless parents, stepparents, moms, dads, uncles, aunts, grandmas, etc out there that feed your little ones even when they’re not even hungry… your food just looks SOOOOO MUCH BETTER, they can’t resist.

Revised* For the record, after reading this post, her and my father sent a photo of her dinner… no lie, here it is and it looks a thousand times better doesn’t it?!

Happy Thursday friends,

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