Peanut butter and Espadrilles.

I was single for a long time. I took my time in finding myself and enjoyed falling in love with me first. Yes Yes I have found my beau, but I still have many loved ones surrounding me that haven’t met their mate as of yet.

When I am looking for an outfit to wear to a Wedding or a Car show I look around in department stores right?

How about if I need some quinoa or peanut butter, I head for the Supermarkets right? Sure all this makes sense to you worded like this, hey it sounds almost stupid to even ask!

Ok. Then…so why is it, that when you look for someone to soul match …you feel as if you can change what they are, despite what they have shown you ? OR  you feel that you’re harsh in judging them despite your inner feeling of incompatibility ?

When you walk into a supermarket looking for a pair of pants but only find food , you aren’t necessarily judging the market for what it is or what it does not carry. The fact is, you are looking for a pair of pants and maybe a necklace, not orange juice and eggs.

No matter how hard you look, how many aisles you comb through, the store showed you in bright lights exactly what it was when you first walked in. Sure you can convince yourself that there may be some  gloves or towels that resemble clothing by the register but come on, that still won’t change what the store really is.

It’s ok to browse, it’s ok to appreciate what the store has to offer but move along.You’re not getting any of your intended shopping done.



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